Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall is an Atlanta-based artist and writer. His website and blog can be found at He is currently a professor of art at Kennesaw State University and a 2016-17 Walthall Fellow.

Articles (11)

The Color Pharmacy

Pharmakon: Ancient Greek word meaning drug, poison, cure, remedy, medicine, charm, spell, recipe, artificial color, and paint. Words can be strange things. They have hidden histories that, once uncovered, can give us insight into other cultures and illuminate our own. Sometimes this exploration can take us to unexpected places. The ancient Greek word for color, … Continued

Adolph Gottlieb’s "Duet" at the High Museum

My foolish little love gave me dinner, and through the openwindow of the dining room I reflected on the moving architecturesGod has made with vapors, those wonderful constructions of theimpalpable. And in the course of my contemplations I said tomyself: All those phantasmagoria are almost as beautiful as theeyes of my beloved, my crazy little green-eyed … Continued