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I carry these in the hearth of my mind for as long as the days promise us a future.
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Artist Parker Thornton investigates the uneasy intimacy of the modern relationship between human bodies and nature through visual and written storytelling.
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A weekly roundup of upcoming art events and ongoing exhibitions throughout the South.
Center for Craft, celebrating 25 years

June 2, 2021

Burnaway's bi-weekly news roundup, with news from Mississippi Museum of Art's collaborative exhibition, curator Allison Glenn heads to Texas, and more.
Artist Talk: Paul Chan
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Atlanta’s art community is dispersed throughout Georgia's largest city and features a lively mix of traditional and contemporary art galleries, robust studio cooperatives, and DIY spaces, anchored by institutions such as the High Museum of Art and Atlanta Contemporary.

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Independent spaces are often on the cutting edge of emerging art communities. As in major art centers such as New York and Los Angeles, the South also hosts a number of alternative spaces for showing and creating artwork. Often artist-run and ephemeral, these spaces provide an essential site for experimentation in their communities.

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Tennessee's capital boasts a robust artist community and a wide variety of art institutions such as the Frist Art Museum, a number of university galleries, and a spirited DIY scene that includes some of the South's most exciting artist-run spaces.

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