Exurbs and the Rural

Exurbs and the Rural

investigates the cultural situation of artists and residents in the rural South, parsing the fluctuating boundaries between cities, exurbs, and the rural.

States of Leisure

States of Leisure

explores fantasies of the Southern landscape as they relate to notions of leisure, recreation, and tourism.

Waterways / Water Wars

Waterways / Water Wars

examines water as a natural resource and cultural reference in the South, acknowledging the geological, historical, and political importance of waterways in the region.


Guess what? In this situation, the journalist is going to shoot her from head to toe, standing on that American flag—so I chose not to do that. I wanted to show the pain she was going through. Those are the moments I’m looking for.

Sheila Pree Bright Sep 17, 2020

Atlanta-based photographic artists Sheila Pree Bright and Davion Alston discuss the history of civil rights photography and how they each approached making photographs of recent uprisings for racial justice.

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Mood Ring
Mood Ring: Victoria Dugger

Victoria Dugger untangles her thoughts on gender, disability, and Blackness in a short essay accompanied by new paintings made in quarantine.

Reader Burnaway Reader

Florida native Taylor Shaw channels the infamous Florida Man in ten airbrushed t-shirts created for Burnaway's artist column Mood Ring.