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explores the South’s metaphysical nature as a living archive, existing dually as a spatiotemporal metric: a means of fluid existence and a meteorological pursuit.

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address the ways in which someone or something is visually indistinguishable from its context, specifically speaking to the permeability of the Southern landscape and its inhabitants.

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interrogates the experiences that construct our lives, systems of relation, and landscapes across the South.


It is about being comfortable in something that is larger and bigger than you. It’s about trusting your body and relaxing in something you can’t control.

Calida Rawles Apr 26, 2023

Bryn Evans meets with Los Angeles-based painter Calida Rawles to consider water's ubiquity in Black popular culture, swimming as metaphor, and the liquid nature of memory.

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a thread, unread

Through video, gifs, and cinemagraphs, West Virginia artist Ally Christmas meditates on the loss of her grandmother, examining text messages and altering textiles and family photos.

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It is hard not to obsess over materiality at Hand Over Hand: Textiles Today, the latest group exhibition at the Mindy Solomon Gallery in Allapattah. The show, which features textile art from over 20 different artists, showcases the impressive range of contemporary fabric art as an agent for meaning and innovation. This narrative is presented … Continued

I abide by a sort of Parrotisis. My moods and rhythms are influenced by the cries of my colorful sky lords.