Mood Ring (23)

lost in the seams

Mood Ring

Through AI altered voice memos layered over video clips from a visit to Puerto Rico, artist Keysha Rivera reveals her thoughts on making art.

Notes on Inheriting

Mood Ring

Houston artist Francis Almend√°rez traces personal and political history through the manufacture, distribution and making of clothing.

Secrets of the White Rose

Mood Ring

Prospect.5 artist Keni Anwar meditates on the power and beauty of the self in this Mood Ring republished from our 2020 Reader, Laws of Salvage.


Mood Ring

Artist Parker Thornton investigates the uneasy intimacy of the modern relationship between human bodies and nature through visual and written storytelling.

No Victim’s Song

Mood Ring

Through digital compositions and personal essay, artist Alexis Childress addresses the making of her work, the treatment of Black beauty in America, and the joy of self-becoming within a Black matriarchal legacy.

Sheltered Meditations

Mood Ring

Part drawing and part assemblage, six new works on paper by artist Krista Clark reflect her practice of abstracting common building materials into sculptural forms.