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Pitches and Submissions

Pitches and submissions should be sent to Burnaway’s editors, Logan Lockner (logan@burnaway.org) and Jasmine Amussen (jasmine@burnaway.org). Submissions should include two samples of previous writing.

Entries for the To Do List must be sent no later than one week (7 days) before the event for consideration. Please email all event listings to events@burnaway.org .

We do not accept pitches from artists directly or from writers who have a relationship with the artist. Please see our conflict of interest policy below for more information.

Our conflict of interest policy

Burnaway will not consider contributions regarding: the artwork of someone with whom the writer has a familial relationship; the work of an artist, gallery, or institution with whom the writer has a current or previous financial relationship or internship; any gallery that represents their work; any gallery institutionally related to the organization employing the writer. We also will not accept submissions by a writer whom the gallery or artist has paid or commissioned to write the article in question.

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