Mood Ring: GIFs by Saige Rowe

By August 01, 2019
Atlanta-based artist Saige Rowe makes highly saturated videos in which she performs simple actions, such as tugging on the leaves of a tree or pouring water from one glass into another, in closely framed shots that rarely reveal her face or body to the viewer. Cut off from other contextual clues by the isolated framing, visual components like color, motion, and texture become the most captivating actors in Rowe’s clever, often funny parade of gestures.
For our artist column Mood Ring, Burnaway commissioned a series of original GIFs by Rowe. The resulting series, us on grass on real grass, was created in collaboration with Sheyenne Thompson and Skylar Rowe.

Saige Rowe, in collaboration with Sheyenne Thompson and Skylar Rowe, us on grass on real grass, 2019; GIFs, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

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