Art Burn: Capsule Reviews of Weekend Events

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BURNAWAY does its best to get to as many openings, closings, performances, readings (and the like) as we can. Most are free and offer great opportunities to interact and support the local arts community. We’ll attempt to share our whirlwind experiences with you, but we take no responsibility for causing FOMO (fear of missing out).

This week: Atlanta Celebrates Photography is at its mid-month stride, and we make a stop at A3C.

Joe Dreher

Joe Dreher aka “Joekingatl” in “Patriot” at Decatur Arts Alliance Gallery. On view through November 30.
I did a project with We Love ATL called “45 by 45.” They had 45 photographers for all 45 neighborhoods on the Beltline. I had “Just Us,” which I had never even heard of. It’s the smallest neighborhood in Atlanta – it’s about 20 house, two city blocks. I met this guy Verbon, who was born there, and the only time he ever left was to go to Vietnam, and when he came back he never got married, never had any kids. He told me after the war it ruined him for marriage.  — Joe Dreher
When Joe asked if he could take a picture of me and use it for a mural, I was going through … not through a depression, but I had a lot of stuff going on in my life, was at a low point in my life; and going through this experience of being immortalized … it boosted my spirits. — Brian T. Phillips


Divine Zamir in “(In)ter Here” at Wonderroot Gallery. On view through November 13.
The scrappiness of the material — paint on plywood, and pallets — gives the work a sense of personal necessity and determination, which is boosted after taking a look at the emotional message in the artist’s statement.— Angela Bortone

Distortedd live painting murals for A3C Festival and Conference on Edgewood Ave in Old 4th Ward.
I’m having so much fun here! I came down from Philly. Normally I’m an animator, I make cartoons, so I’ve only done a few paintings. I’ve done live paintings but they have all been small, these canvases are so new — this is my first large scale painting ever. — Distortedd

Pash Lima live painting mural for A3C Festival and Conference on Edgewood Ave in Old 4th Ward.
It throws you a bit, because people are watching you. And live painting is risky  you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, but you want to do something crazy for the crowd. You’re already coming to the stage with a sketch only, and then you have to do it in front of an audience. But it’s cool to see people interested.— Pash Lima

Kyle Henderson at “Quaint Peche” at Mammal Gallery, in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography
An interesting, alternative way to show photographs during Atlanta Celebrates Photography. It definitely deviates from the gallery norm. I think of queer Jesus Christ Superstar with a splash of Medusa and Lisa Frank. But is it supposed to be a message about being queer? Or just about the body and gender? — Haylee Anne

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