Art Burn, November 13-15

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BURNAWAY does its best to get to as many openings, closings, performances, readings (and the like) as we can. Most are free and offer great opportunities to interact and support the local arts community. We’ll attempt to share our whirlwind experiences with you, but we take no responsibility for causing FOMO (fear of missing out).

Re:Focus a photo exhibition on view at Swan Coach House in Atlanta through October 27

Weekend of November 13 – 15

We sat in the car on Friday night, after hearing about Paris, and questioned whether Art Burn would be appropriate to tackle this week. Our hearts were heavy with other thoughts. However, Paris has given us so much art that we love, we wanted to honor this and go against the negativity, so we ventured out.

Rocio Rodriguez in “Small Works” at Sandler Hudson Gallery. On view through January 9.
I love these small paintings. I think it’s really hard to pull of this Philip Guston kind of painting on such a small scale. I think these are really successful and quite beautiful. — Teresa Bramlette Reeves

Little Things Mean a Lot” at Swan Coach House Gallery. On view through January 6.
I have an admittedly hard time with salon-style showings; I like to see work on its own terms, in its own context. However, I am really into this idea of a holiday market for art. Why don’t we gift more art? It’s a great way to support the local economy, build exposure, and give something that is truly unique and thoughtful. There are so many things here I want to buy. I want more art to be gifted! — Haylee Anne
As the art is sold, it will be replaced by another piece by the same artist. So your options will vary. — Angela Bortone

“New Paintings, Sculpture, and Photography from a Remarkable Mix of Artists” at Mason Fine Art through December 5.
The curatorial strategy seems to be one of nearly everything; realism, abstract, impressionistic, street art, interior, stainless steel sculpture, landscapes, photography. While it’s exciting when you enter the space, being met with such a hodgepodge of art is really disconcerting. It’s great to see local artists getting exposure in a beautiful space, but there is too much happening. — Angela Bortone and Haylee Anne

Patti Smith in M TRAIN conversation, reading, and discussion at The Variety Playhouse.

“I wrote the song “Because the Night” for Fred “Sonic” Smith. He would go on to be my boyfriend, and then my husband, and the father of my children. But whenever I sing this song, I still think of him as my [with emphasis] boyfriend.”—Patti Smith

Fabian Williams in “Smothered by the Things We Love” at Notch8 Gallery. On view through January 6.
Fabian Williams
Around this time of year, I’m getting bombarded with Christmas messages — my kids want stuff. They’ve started to send me stuff like, “Hey Dad, you’ve seen that new game, it’s really cool, huh?” That’s their way of saying, “I want this game.” Not having the money I used to have, I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna provide for my children. I’m not saying I’m going to rob anybody, but I understand people who go out and do that.  — Fabian Williams
For me, black light makes me think of two things, nightclubs and trying to see invisible stains. Combined with the little crime scene, it definitely feels seedy.  — Angela Bortone

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