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In the Garden of Bosch and Cullum at Whitespace


Five hundred years have passed since the Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch died. To mark the occasion, an exhibition was held this year in Bosch’s hometown, ’s-Hertogenbosch. Atlanta curator and writer Jerry Cullum visited the small town’s tiny Het Noordbrabants Museum to see the exhibition. The quincentenary was also the inspiration for Cullum’s ambitious show at … Continued

5 x 7: Jerry, Megan, Rainey, Joe, and Rebecca


For the second installment of our column “5×7” — in which we pose seven questions to five people who have similar careers, practices, or interests — we asked art critics about the role and future of art criticism, the challenges of working as an art critic, what writers they admire and who they are reading now, … Continued

Five Artists and Private Symbols at Hathaway Gallery


Three exhibitions at Hathaway Gallery, closing May 31, raise a longstanding issue of interpretation that remains, sometimes, an object of contention. “Easy Air” is a three-artist show of works by Ridley Howard, Scott Ingram, and Christina A. West; “Painter” is a series of paintings by Craig Drennen, and Tyler Beard’s “Shoreline” is a multimedia installation. The … Continued