West Virginia (7)

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Mood Ring

Through video, gifs, and cinemagraphs, West Virginia artist Ally Christmas meditates on the loss of her grandmother, examining text messages and altering textiles and family photos.


Belief and Fiction

Justin Chance considers Genesis 3 and serpent handling in West Virginia through the art work of Beverly Buchanan and the late Pastor Jamie Coots.

Nan Goldin and Queer Appalachia Issue Statement on Opioid Crisis


Earlier this week, it was announced that businessman Richard Sackler was involved in securing a patent for Buprenorphine, a newly updated drug produced by Rhodes Pharma that could combat opioid addiction. Sackler was recently called an “opioid billionaire” by the Financial Times because of the role his family’s pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, best known for developing Oxycontin, played … Continued