Tennessee (9)

Tommy Kha’s Bits & Pieces

Art21 x Burnaway

Portraying everything from the pop culture iconography and generational revere of Elvis via young and old tribute artists, along with documenting his Chinese family and their domestic existence in the American South, Tommy Kha’s photography analyzes the multifaceted ways one can be seen in the kick-off Art21 x Burnaway feature of 2024.


Artist Environments

From North Carolina to Kentucky, Noah Rawlings goes on an adventure to find the dwindling dogtrots in the American South, in this Burnaway revisitation of our 2022 Artist Environments theme series.

MengCheng’s Potluck


As part of our Current theme series, Sophia Mason shares the lived experience of being Asian-American in the American South through the work of the MengCheng 梦城团
Collective in Memphis, Tennessee.