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The Image of the City: Sarah Morris at CAC New Orleans


What does it mean to make an image of a contemporary urban city, and how does one go about doing so? What patterns and typologies would repeat themselves across the global metropolitan network, and what qualities would remain and unrepeatable? Is there something inherently singular about Los Angeles or Dubai, or is our globalized world rendering … Continued

Kamrooz Aram Delivers Institutional Critique at Atlanta Contemporary


Institutional critique looms large over contemporary art. In a moment when power is being held to account and representation matters, recent interventions into the formal, conceptual, and systemic workings of the art institution by artists and activist communities remind us of the urgent necessity of this practice. However, among the protests and hashtags for change … Continued

BURNAWAY's Best of 2017: Favorite Reads


From online reads to rediscovered classics, here’s what our contributors were inspired by in 2017. Check out the rest of our Best of 2017 series: Best Exhibitions, Cultural Experiences, News Stories, and Movers and Shakers. Chris Vitiello, art critic, DurhamI was rattled by Against Value in the Arts and Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), a book of essays that basically … Continued

Wayne’s World: Wayne White at the Hunter Museum, Chattanooga


Best known for his work in TV, video and film, the Chattanooga native professes a nostalgia for his Southern roots. But our reviewer takes issue with his work in this mini-retrospective because it “preserves a narrative of the Civil War as a battle for heritage and state’s rights and not the continuous enslavement of African-Americans for economic gain.”