WonderRoot Podcast: PaperFrank

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PaperFrank in Studio
PaperFrank in his studio, courtesy the artist.

In this interview with Floyd Hall, PaperFrank discusses his rapid rise as an locally and internationally acclaimed visual artist, the emotions behind his work, and how he handles the positive and negative responses to his success to date.

“I create art as an outlet for my own emotions. Through my life, I’ve learned to smile even through struggles and I play off this concept in my paintings…Each of my paintings has a story that’s personally relevant to my own experience, but I like my viewers to bring their own experiences and create their own stories while viewing my works.”

Georgia Museum of Art: Extra Ordinary, American Realism open Feb 27 - June 13

PaperFrank is an internationally known acrylic painter and professional tattoo artist. He has exhibited his works in a wide variety of locations including Apache Café, City of Ink Tattoo Shop, the New Era Flagship Store, Graveyard Tavern, and W. M. Turner Gallery. In addition to these exhibitions, he has been commissioned to paint murals around the cities of Atlanta and Asheville, as well as at Sea World Orlando.

Audio: Click the player above to listen to Hall’s conversation with PaperFrank, or download the MP3.


Georgia Museum of Art: Extra Ordinary, American Realism open Feb 27 - June 13


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