WonderRoot Podcast: Hailey Lowe

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Hailey Lowe, Deer, film Still from Machines of Loving Grace, Serenbe, GA, courtesy the artist.
Hailey Lowe, Deer, film still from Machines of Loving Grace, Serenbe, GA, courtesy the artist.

Artist Hailey Lowe chats with WonderRoot’s Floyd Hall about how nature, history, and technology influence her work.¬†Focusing on ideas of America’s urban movement into natural settings, Hailey Lowe investigates the tension between urbanism and nature, technology and nature, our bodies and the land we live on. Through her performative installations and video documentation she explores ephemerality, identity and boundaries through the lens of technology.

Kelly Taylor Mitchell: Kin, Spirit, Seed on view at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

As Lowe advocates a way for technology, urbanism and nature to coexist, she questions where we are headed in a world that breathes technology. Lowe states, ” I want people to draw boundaries for themselves and question the boundaries technology, urbanism and human life has imposed on nature.”


Audio: Click the player above to listen to Hall’s conversation with Hailey Lowe, or download the MP3.




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