Video from Miami, p. 2: Craig Drennen on Aqua and Art Basel

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Click above for the second and final installment of BURNAWAY’s video series from Miami produced by Sandy Hooper with interviews by Susannah Darrow and Laura Hennighausen. Click here to view Part 1.

Our team caught up with Craig Drennen at the last month’s Aqua art fair during Art Basel Miami Beach. A professor at Georgia State University, Drennen helped organize a showcase of work by several MFA students, and, with just a hint of his usual humor, he shared a bit of insight on why Atlanta’s artists should attend Art Basel next year.
Disclosure: Craig Drennen is one of this publication’s editorial advisers. In pursuit of featuring work that contributes to important cultural discourse, as well as our commitment to transparency, our policy is to disclose instead of exclude.

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