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For our unmonumentATL series, we asked 13 artists to share their personal un-monuments with our reade From January 13 to 29, we will present one artist’s submission per day. And don’t miss Nick Kahler‘s incisive two-part essay on the subject. UnmonumentATL was conceived by former BURNAWAY editor Rachel Reese. 

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Lotta Fruitta 

Atlanta, Georgia
I don’t really know what an “Energy Lemon” is, but I’m into it.  This un-monument is at Lotta Fruitta restaurant, a gourmet fruit house-eatery and market in the Old Fourth Ward. I go to this restaurant frequently, yet I only noticed the lemon after being in the restaurant two or three times. I believe the place just makes me feel good. After a quick Google search of what an energy lemon is, I came across information that you can, in fact, create a battery out of a lemon because of its acidic properties. Although I was looking for something less scientific, I decided I didn’t actually want to know how Lotta Fruitta was interpreting its lemon installation. I decided I could make up my own idea, however spiritual, about this energy lemon. Either way, my un-monument makes me feel subconsciously, and cheesily, cleansed each time I’m in the space. The Limonatta (spicy fruitta cup) isn’t so bad, either.

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