Photo Essay: Yvonne Domenge at Freedom Park

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Domenge-3Before I became what I am

Domenge--15I was only elements of potential strength stored on a concrete floor

Domenge-2-2Grace and fire were woven into my bones

Domenge--16My delicate arms were constructed with maternal hands

Domenge-2I stand here now, forever reaching towards the sky like the blood flowing toward the heart of all of our memories

Domenge--2I lock eyes with clouds and leaves and tomorrow’s starlit sky, but it is never enough

Domenge--12The sky is too far and you keep your distance. Distance is all I’ve ever known.

Domenge-Distance of thought, distance of future. Please close the gap between you and me. 


All photographs copyright Karley Sullivan. A special thank you to our writer as well.

NoteThese artworks are intended to be viewed together as a grouping and were originally part of a major outdoor solo exhibition entitled Interconnected that occurred in 2010-12 at Millennium Park in Chicago. In 2012, the artist made the decision to donate each of the six public artworks to cities across the United States. The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs put together the proposal to bring the artworks to Freedom Park. Fortunately, the City of Atlanta proposal was chosen by the artist and exhibition curators (Ed Ulir and Lucas Cowan) as one of several cities to receive this permanent cultural gift of public artworks. (Source)

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