Out There Atlanta: Interview With Julia Fenton

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Julia Fenton, 2012.

Episode 64: Julia Fenton is, in her own words, an artist, retired curator, retired arts administrator, and gardener. At 76 years old she’s been a founding member, editor, and director of many of the organizations dear to the Atlanta arts scene, including what are now Art Papers and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. In this special extended one and a half hour podcast (both parts stream-able here) she describes the shock of The Feminine Mystique, the trials of being an ambitious woman in the 1970’s, and her experiences and lessons learned in her career. What you’re about to hear is, according to Julia, history you’re probably not aware of; this is artists taking control of their lives.

Kelly Taylor Mitchell: Kin, Spirit, Seed on view at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

As Fenton says, My life is anecdotal and serendipitous.

Part 1: From Mississippi to Princeton to Atlanta: details of her early practice, student days at the Atlanta College of Art, and founding the Contemporary Art Southeast Magazine and the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition. Click the player above to listen to Lampe’s conversation with Julia Fenton, or download the MP3.

Kirsten Stolle's Only You Can Prevent A Forest on view at Halsey Institute through Dec 10, 2022

Part 2: Curating, the ’96 Olympics, grief, and a return to Atlanta: the evolution of Nexus into the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, directing Chastain Gallery and Spruill, and getting back into her own practice in her 60’s after the death of her husband. Click the player above to listen to Lampe’s conversation with Julia Fenton, or download the MP3.

Julia A. Fenton, Untitled (Pink Lady), 2007, mixed mediums w/toy soldiers, dolls, candy, dimensions variable, courtesy of the artist.


Julia Fenton, Stool, 2003, mixed media with beeswax and lipstick, approx. 60 x 36 x 36 inches, courtesy of the artist.


Julia Fenton, Trench, 2001, mixed media with gold, silver, copper, wax and blood, dimensions variable, courtesy of the artist.

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