Out There Atlanta: Interview with Artist Mike Stasny

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Mike Stasny (right) with artist Nathan Sharratt as part of their “Club MSIF” performance at East Atlanta Farmers Market.

Today we proudly announce we are now sponsoring Out There Atlanta, a podcast by Lilly Lampe featuring interviews with local artists, creatives, and nonprofit leaders. Stay tuned for more updates!

Re:Focus a photo exhibition on view at Swan Coach House in Atlanta through October 27

Mike Stasny is an artist and musician who moved to Atlanta a year ago. He’s celebrating his one-year anniversary with an exhibition at Boom City, the yearly roll-out exhibition of Dashboard Co-op’s new artists. Mike mingles Midwestern perspectives with general gregariousness and an enthusiasm for monsters to create work that aims for the sweet-spot between terrifying and enjoyable. 

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Topics in this episode include: astrological signs, monster-art, New Year’s resolutions, and integrating into Atlanta as an artist (from the Midwest, no less).

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Stasney working on his Boom City installation.


A preview of Stasny’s work at Boom City.


“The Staz” in his natural element.

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