Out There Atlanta: Laura Mosquera

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Out There Atlanta is shifting its focus to Southern transplants living in the New York area. In these interviews, we aim to reestablish connections with these artists to talk about their backgrounds, artistic journeys, and what took them away from the South.

Kirsten Stolle's Only You Can Prevent A Forest on view at Halsey Institute through Dec 10, 2022

Over the years, Laura Mosquera has shifted her painting style from figurative to abstract. She received her MFA in 1999 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and taught at schools in the Chicago area before taking a position at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. She moved to Brooklyn last year, and holds down a day job at Columbia University. Listen to the podcast to find out more about Laura and her work.

Topics include: Excavating space through drawing and painting, working in relation to your environment, and thinking about Haruki Murakami, writing, running, and painting.


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Laura Mosquera in her Brooklyn apartment. All photos by Lilly Lampe.
Triple Color Reverb, 2012, by Laura Mosquera.
















Mosquera’s sketches in her apartment.
Painting in progress.
Paintings in progress in Mosquera’s studio.




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