Mood Ring: Spring Hoax

By December 21, 2020
animation of the words "Spring Hoax" drawn in charcoal

DEC. 31:
Chinese authorities treat dozens of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause. Happy New Year. 2020 will be the best year ever.

[US Deaths = 0]

FEB. 23:
Italy sees a major surge in cases.  Stories of infected patients left to die unattended and alone are heartbreaking.

[US Deaths = 0]

National emergency declared. My institution closes for two weeks and moves to fully online teaching when the semester resumes. [US Deaths = 49]

The speed and scale of the job losses is without precedent. Meanwhile, I am spending a lot of time in my backyard, it has never looked better. [US Deaths = 5,821]

MAY 25:
George Floyd is murdered. His death triggers worldwide protests against police brutality, racism and lack of accountability. [US Deaths = 91,971]

JAN. 21:
The first case of COVID-19 in the United States is confirmed in Washington State.

[US Deaths = 0]

FEB. 28:
President Trump downplays the severity of the outbreak, referring to it as a “new Democratic hoax.”

[US Deaths = 0]

Spring arrives as the United States is quickly becoming the country hardest hit by the pandemic. [US Deaths = 230]

Protesters converge on state capitols to demand that restrictions be lifted. In a series of all-cap tweets, Trump encourages protesters.  [US Deaths = 32,425]

Unemployment rate comes ‘down’ to 13.3%, President Trump calls improved job numbers a “great day” for George Floyd. [US Deaths = 102,963]

JAN. 30:
The W.H.O. declares a global health emergency. The following day the Trump administration restricts travel from China.

Georgia Museum of Art: Graphic Eloquence: American Modernism on Paper on view through September 4

[US Deaths = 0]

FEB. 29:
First reported death in the United States. Happy Leap Year.

[US Deaths = 1]

Gruesome stories emerge out of NYC where morgue space is exceeded, and bodies are loaded onto freezer trucks with forklifts. [US Deaths = 2,985]

President Trump suggests that an injection of disinfectant could help fight the coronavirus. Lysol’s parent company says “please don’t.” [US Deaths = 46,091]

JUNE 21:
Spring mercifully ends. W.H.O. ends study into Hydroxychloroquine, the miracle drug peddled by President Trump. Meanwhile, he still hasn’t worn a mask publicly. [US Deaths = 112,624]

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