Loveseat: Hormuz Minina with Stan Woodard

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Loveseat, a monthly audio series for BURNAWAY Radio, is artists talking with their favorite people.  Loveseat works to access artists’ most natural voices by inviting them to speak with any one person of their choosing at the intimate StoryCorps studio at the Atlanta History Center. BURNAWAY‘s published excerpts from Loveseat conversations seek to expand our perceptions of how artists live, think and make in Atlanta, as well as of who is doing so alongside them.  A wild and ever-growing document, Loveseat captures personal histories, local histories, relationships, communities, obsessions, quandaries, plans, processes, coincidences, jokes and secrets—all with equal enthusiasm.

Re:Focus a photo exhibition on view at Swan Coach House in Atlanta through October 27

Still of video documentation, Hormuz Minina's 2010 Art on the Beltline performance called Promontory, video by Ian Cone, courtesy the artist.
Still of video documentation, Hormuz Minina’s 2010 Art on the Beltline performance Promontory, video by Ian Cone, courtesy the artist.

Loveseat #2: Hormuz Minina with Stan Woodard

This piece begins in 1999, when Hormuz and Stan met for the first time at Eyedrum.  From there, it leaps, across time and oceans, back, forth and around, with the balletic guidance of Stan’s curiosity.

While editing their 34 minute long journey, I was tempted to leave in much more thoughtful pausing, as Hormuz and Stan so clearly enjoy the endurance of complexity and contradiction—their starts and stops born of discovery and spontaneous revision.  I also failed to include a few of Hormuz’s shout-outs to myriad influences, Stan included, as well as all things Fluxus.

Re:Focus a photo exhibition on view at Swan Coach House in Atlanta through October 27

What you will find: the virtues of golf, the perils of documentation, Sinead O’Connor, politics and “the artist in everybody.”

Audio: Click the player above to listen, or download the MP3.
Upcoming Issue: Loveseat #3: Judy Lampert with Lucinda Bunnen

After moving to Atlanta from Bombay, India, Hormuz Minina began a series of experimentations within avant-garde art, film and music. His self-taught artistry is improvised and spontaneous, drawing from Zoroastrian ideals of knowledge, truth and a love for nature.

Stan Woodard is an Atlanta-based intermedia artist focusing on installation, performance, video, and sculptural forms. In his business life, he offers personal consulting services to individuals and organizations who need help traversing digital realms.

Loveseat theme music courtesy of Adna Moraia.


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