unmonumentATL: Edith Braggiotti

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For our unmonumentATL series, we asked 13 artists to share their personal un-monuments with our readers. From January 13 to 29, we will present one artist’s submission per day. And don’t miss Nick Kahler‘s incisive two-part essay on the subject. UnmonumentATL was conceived by former BURNAWAY editor Rachel Reese. 
Unmonument-333x500-2McClendon Avenue & Clifton 
Atlanta, Georgia
Unanticipated encounters can arise from one’s interactions with the physical environment. Unplanned, they can be unique and inspirational. Every morning I pass a typical utility pole at the corner of McLendon Avenue and Clifton Road. Next to the pole is a NO PARKING sign, with the words, “any time.” At first glance it appears as any other utility pole might. However, a closer look reveals thousands of staples ingrained in the pole itself. This staple-covered pole suggests the flyers that have been affixed to it. Every sign was placed for a purpose conveying significant information: a graduation party, a religious gathering, political protest, garage sale, or lost cat. While observing the utility pole, it becomes clear that it has evolved into something more than just a pole; it is a landmark that embodies a cultural history of Atlanta, literally representing the countless experiences of people throughout the Atlanta community. Everyday objects have the power to represent the human experience.
Each staple stands as a monument to the past. Present events are revealed by the flyer currently being displayed. Rooted in this very pole at the corner of McLendon and Clifton is a history of a people and what is important to them.

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