Dodge & Burn: Sky Haven Elementary School in DeKalb County

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Near the end of 2010, there were a number of public schools DeKalb country proposed to close permanently. Sky Haven Elementary in East Atlanta was one of these schools, which created controversy among East Atlanta’s residents, claiming that the majority of proposed schools were targeted in low-income areas throughout south DeKalb. It’s still in operation, but with what seems to be very low funding, and it’s still one of the lowest ranking elementary schools in Georgia.

I documented the exterior of the school on what happened to be a foggy day, which accentuated its eerie, abandoned feel; I even believed it was closed until further research disclosed otherwise. The outdoor playing field was lonely, the basketball hoops were old, and a fading U.S. map lay on the concrete where only a few states were still recognizable. The school had small hints of its better days from when it had first opened, but the worn down exterior overrides almost any sign of them. These glimpses are what I chose to focus on for my documentation.

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