Dodge & Burn: Life from My Car

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Dodge & Burn is a series of photo essays documenting local culture with a focus on artful imagery, movement, and light. Please welcome guest photographer Jan Fields for this week’s Dodge & Burn.
Let’s face it. Traveling over asphalt is a dirty business and whether it’s New York or Atlanta driving is either a fight for survival, a mindless mundane task, or a complete distraction from talking, texting, thinking about what has happened, about to happen, or will never happen. Solitary long commutes are the norm. Mine is about three hours a day, give or take. Short happy commutes just don’t happen. A one-mile commute can drag into a soul-diminishing experience. A one-hour commute can drag into three. I live behind the wheel of my automobile and I have looked into the eyes of frustrated individuals, lonely individuals, individuals with chips on their shoulders. In fact, if you live in Atlanta, you live in your car. Atlantans don’t walk a block, they drive it.  Here is a modest selection which depicts Atlantans in their inner world, behind the wheel of their car.
These images were taken with an iPhone 4 from my car window.  Some are the result of editing in Instagram and the forbidden filters because it seemed right at the time, all converted to black and white in Photoshop.

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