Dancer Nicole Johnson on Duluth & Dashboard Co-op

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Nicole Johnson

Swan Coach House Gallery: private nature through November 4

Considering that 90% of metropolitan Atlanta’s population lives outside the City of Atlanta, Dashboard Co-op’s exhibition currently on view in Duluth, “Shifting Scapes,” is important because it has allowed Atlanta-centered artists, who normally work within a relatively small in-town cultural radius, a platform to reach portions of this larger population while leveraging the curatorial expertise of Dashboard Co-op. Based on the success of this exhibition, which is on view through May 10, perhaps we may begin to see similar efforts that allow artists to reach wider audiences.

Dancer Nicole Johnson of Fly on a Wall took a break from her afternoon routine to chat about participating in “Shifting Scapes.” Johnson, a Duluth native, took some time to reflect on performing in her hometown and the changes she’s noticed there since she was a child. Nicole also gave me some background on how Fly on a Wall initially formed and how she and her fellow Atlanta Ballet alums have started to develop their own voice as a collective.


Georgia Museum of Art: Neo-Abstraction on view through December 5

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