BOOKMARKS: Nikita Gale's Top Five February Reads

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Today we introduce BOOKMARKS—short reading lists recommended by artists and arts professionals in and around Atlanta. It is our hopes that these links to further readings will help support an outward focus, fostering broader conversations around visual culture in today’s society.

Christian Siriano on view at SCAD FASH in Atlanta through October 9

This month we spoke with Atlanta artist Nikita Gale:

“I’m sure a lot of people know about This Recording, but it’s one of my favorite websites to go to for contemporary millenial essays on pop culture and art. These aren’t all recent, but they’ve been on my reading list recently and have been informing some of the newer work I’ve been making.”

 1. Relics by KARA VANDERBIJL for This Recording

Photo by Kara Vanderbijl, senior editor at This Recording

2. IMG MGMT: New Century Modern Surface Magazine by JOSH KLINE for Art Fag City

Re:Focus a photo exhibition on view at Swan Coach House in Atlanta through October 27


4. Call of the Wild by ELIZABETH GUMPORT for This Recording 

Still from Wild Things, 1998, Mandalay Entertainment. Elizabeth Gumport for This Recording.

5. The Stuff of Thought by STEVEN PINKER, exploring the relationship between human nature and language development

Send us your comments below! Come read with us.


Disclosure: Nikita Gale is a member of BURNAWAY ‘s Board of Directors. In pursuit of featuring work that significantly contributes to cultural discourse, as well as our commitment to transparency, our policy is to disclose instead of exclude.

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