Out There Atlanta: Bill Thelen of Lump Gallery, Raleigh

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Bill Thelen at the Berlin Biennale.

While traveling this summer we met a few people working with curatorial and exhibition spaces with unusual challenges. In this mini-Out There Atlanta series, we bring you interviews with curators and space organizers in Chicago, Detroit, and Raleigh.

Kirsten Stolle's Only You Can Prevent A Forest on view at Halsey Institute through Dec 10, 2022

Bill Thelen founded Lump Gallery in Raleigh, NC in 1996. Thelen’s partner got a job in the area prompting Thelen to leave San Francisco and move to the area. While looking for studio space he found an inexpensive building at the edge of downtown Raleigh, and Team Lump was born. Over the years the mission of Lump has evolved but studio space has been a constant. Listen to the podcast to hear about the history of Lump.

Topics include: Evolving into a project space, the reach of an arts space, and Lump as an extension of a studio.


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Rafael Soldi: A body in transit is now on view at the Frost Museum, Miami through December 4

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Exterior of Lump. Image courtesy of Bill Thelen.


Installation shot of Tyson Reeder exhibition. Image courtesy of Lump Gallery.
Installation shot of exhibition featuring Mark Jackson, Tony Lewis, and John Neff. Image courtesy of Lump Gallery.
Installation shot of collaboration by Elijah Burgher and Steve Reinke. Image courtesy of Lump Gallery.
connect up to me, by Bill Thelen. Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA. Image courtesy of Bill Thelen.





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