Out There Atlanta: Alex Kvares

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Alex Kvares.
Alex Kvares.

Out There Atlanta has switched its focus to Southern transplants living in the New York area. In these interviews, we reestablish connections with these artists and talk about their backgrounds, artistic journeys, what brought them to the South, and what took them away.

On view at ICA VCU: Dineo Seshee Bopape

Alex Kvares is an artist who primarily uses drawing in his works. He was born in the Ukraine, studied art in Kansas and Texas, and spent about a decade in Atlanta before moving to Brooklyn, where he currently lives. His current body of work deals with themes of failure and hope, particularly in a political context. In this podcast, we discuss his recent work and ideas of framing one’s work within personal and global histories.

Topics include: drawing as a finished product versus drawing as a means to an end, stabilizing an art practice, and ideas of political and artistic legacy.


Alex Kvares, The Day I Became Men, 2011.
Alex Kvares, The Day I Became Men, 2011.


Hussars' Picnic 2, 2014.
Hussars’ Picnic 2, 2014.


Holy Mountain, 2009.


66, 2013.
66, 2013.


Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art: Namsa Leuba
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