ARTSpeak: Solar Anus Literary Series at Beep Beep

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Swan Coach House Gallery: private nature through November 4

Radio Version: Click the player above to listen to the broadcast recorded for AM1690 (3.5 minutes), or click here to download the MP3.

Bonus! Click the player above for the web-only “director’s cut” (13.5 minutes), or click here to download the MP3.

Episode 56: Jamie Iredell explains some of the background behind Solar Anus, the experimental writers’ series at Beep Beep Gallery that convenes again Tuesday, July 17, 2012. Read more about the group in this 2010 article in Creative Loafing.

Special thanks go to AM1690, The Voice of the Arts, our partners in producing ARTSpeak with BURNAWAY. The radio version broadcasts every Tuesday in two rotations, 8:20AM and 6:20PM. Thanks also go to the musical talents of Daniel Clay who provided the intro theme for our program.

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