ARTSpeak: Ruth Dusseault’s Modern America Photography at Hagedorn

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Ruth Dusseault, Specimen Museum at Everglades Wonder Gardens 3, Bonita Springs (est. 1936), 2006, C-Print, 48 x 24 inches. Image courtesy

Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez’s Casta Paintings on view at Halsey Institute in Charleston through July16

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Episode 61: Beau Torres talks shop with this week’s guest, Ruth Dusseault, an Atlanta-based photographer, curator, and educator. Her solo exhibition Modern Nature at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery continues over a decade capturing human interventions in the modern landscape. Her previous work, for example, includes photographs documenting the construction of Atlantic Station on the site of former steel mill. Dusseault explains her interest in tourist attractions and theme parks, alluding to the ideas of simulacra and hyperreality in her understanding of everyday architecture. She will appear at the gallery for an artist talk at 11AM this Saturday, October 27, and the show will stay on view through December 1.

Ruth Dusseault,Topiary Garden – Peacock, Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven (est. 1936, 2006, C-Print, 51.5 x 24 inches. Image courtesy

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