ARTSpeak: Michi Meko

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Michi Meko, Golden Gloves, 2011, mixed media: boxing gloves and aerosol, 36×24 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

On view at ICA VCU: Dineo Seshee Bopape

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Episode 71: This week Claire Maxwell speaks with Michi Meko, an artist currently working in the Studio Artist Program at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Meko draws influence from rural southern culture and contemporary urban subcultures. He has developed a system of gathering that allows hybridizing and remixing the contents into a multilingual dialect that endows ordinary and rejected objects with historic and spiritual powers. By reworking and mashing up iconography the works begin to establish a new identity, an identity with possibilities of life to come, giving voice to the forgotten, and demonstrating significant resiliency and strength that offers hope and possibility. The works allude to conditions both physical and psychological, and are a proclamation of perseverance and remembrance.

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