ARTSpeak: Emory Cinematheque Screens The Tingler and Other Rarities

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Kelly Taylor Mitchell: Kin, Spirit, Seed on view at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

Bonus! Click the player above to listen to the “director’s cut” including audio missing from the official broadcast, or download the MP3.

Episode 60:   This week Steve Alberston speaks with Tanine Allison, a Faculty Fellow at the Department of Film and Media Studies at Emory University.  As part of her interest in video games, special effects, and cinematic realism, she researches how different types of digital media affect how cinema is perceived.  Allison is the curator for the Fall 2012  Emory Cinematheque film series entitled Movie Magic:  Special and Visual Effects from 1896 to Now which features a free 35mm screening every Wednesday until December.  Allison created the series while in search of a topic that had not previously been addressed in an Emory film series by focusing specifically on the connection between genre and special effects.  Allison discusses how special effects or action sequences, for example, can tell a different story than the actual narrative of the film.  The most recent film in the series, The Tingler (1959), is showing Wednesday, October 3 at 7:30 pm at White Hall 208 on the Emory campus.

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