ARTSpeak: Andy Ditzler’s Film Love Pays Tribute to George Kuchar

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Donna Kerness in Hold Me While I'm Naked (1965), directed by George Kuchar. Image courtesy Film Love.

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Radio Version: Click the player above to listen to today’s broadcast on AM1690 (6.5 minutes), or click here to download the MP3.

Bonus! Click the player above for the web-only “director’s cut” (27 minutes), which explores the role of sexuality, queer identity, and early influences including Andy Warhol and other filmmakers, or click here to download the MP3.

Episode 46: Andy Ditzler explains some background for the next installment of his acclaimed Film Love series, A Tribute to George Kuchar, curated in honor of the beloved filmmaker who passed away last year. The film screenings run for one night at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 8-9:30PM, Friday, February 24, 2012.

George Kuchar, K Mart Self Portrait (date unknown), courtesy Ada Gallery and George Kuchar.
George Kuchar in Hold Me While I'm Naked (1965). Image courtesy Film Love.

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