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May 19, 2020

By May 19, 2020
Metamorphosis is a three-part film series by the Institute for Queer Ecology launching this week on DIS.ART.

May 19 @ 5pm EST Hard Truths with Howie Chen and Andrew Lampert, featuring Dana Kopel

Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez’s Casta Paintings on view at Halsey Institute in Charleston through July16

In a conversation hosted by Art in America, New Museum Union organizer Dana Kopel joins Chen and Lampert to discuss museum unions and what the future of museums could be after COVID-19.

May 20 – June 10 — New Art Dealers Alliance FAIR

FAIR is a new art fair initiative designed to be entirely online, function cooperatively, and act as a benefit for NADA’s community of galleries, nonprofits and artists. Taking place May 20–June 21, 2020, FAIR will directly support 119 NADA Gallery Members and 81 other galleries that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, totaling nearly 200 galleries around the world.

May 20 @ Noon EST — FRKO and Black Science Fiction on Instagram Live

Seeds, a juried show. applications open through August 5 at Westobou Gallery, Augusta

Atlanta artist and illustrator FRKO speaks about his rituals, how he approaches his work, his artistic voice, and his ideas around Black science fiction.

May 20 @ 7:30pm CST – Crystal Bridges Digital Talk : State of the Art – Aesthetics of Place

Allison Glenn, associate curator, contemporary art at Crystal Bridges, along with State of the Art 2020 featured artists L. Kasimu Harris, Edra Soto, and Didier William, will discuss the aesthetics of place. How do artists map relationships between places, people, power, and time?

Still from Aria Dean’s Notes on Blaccelerationism, 2017.

May 21 @ 2 pm EST — Aria Dean and Asad Raza on Instagram Live

Aria Dean, artist and editor of Rhizome, will join Asad Raza in conversation including necropolitics, online platforms, the internet 1.0, playing with form, and parallel lives.

May 21 @ 7pm CST Seph Rodney and Lissa Jones In Conversation at the Walker Art Center

The conversation will focus around Seph Rodney’s 2019 book The Personalization of the Museum Visit, which examines recent shifts in museum management toward a model of public engagement and visitor personalization.

Launching this week — Institute of Queer Ecology on DIS.ART: Metamorphosis

This film series by the Institute of Queer Ecology is a three-part proposal for restructuring how the world is imagined and how it operates today. These three stages are modeled after the life cycles of holometabolous insects: bugs who undergo a “complete metamorphosis” in which the organism fully restructures itself to adapt to its changing needs and ensure its survival.

Still from Barbara Hammer’s X, 1975.

Ongoing — Julia Stoschek Collection

Sixty works of video art owned by German collector Julia Stoschek have now been made available for free on the Julia Stoschek Collection website, including works by artists such as Barbara Hammer, Wolfgang Tillmans, Elizabeth Price, John Rafman, and others. More items from Stoschek’s collection of 860 video works will be made available in coming months.

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