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Critic and curator Oulimata Gueye’s research focuses on the impact of digital technology on urban popular culture in Africa and the imaginary worlds it produces. Gueye will speak in Atlanta and Durham this week. (Image by Tabita Rezaire.)

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Atlanta, GA

Talk: Christopher Meerdo

Creative Media Industries Institute at GSU / 4 – 5 pm

Fayetteville, AR

Arkansas Art Links Conference

Graduate Fayetteville hotel and various locations / All Day


Atlanta, GA

*BURNAWAY’S Magazine Reading Group: Another Gaze

For Keeps Bookstore / 6:30 – 8:30

Fayetteville, AR

Arkansas Art Links Conference

Graduate Fayetteville hotel and various locations / All Day


Atlanta, GA

Talk: Non-Aligned Utopias Africa and New Technologies with Oulimata Gueye (RSVP required)

Clary theater at the Bill Moore Student Center at Georgia Tech / 6 – 7:30 pm

Jackson, MS

Opening and Talk: Ad Infinitum

Millsaps College Art Department / 7 – 8 pm

New Orleans, LA

Talk: Economies of the Dead: Slavery and the Politics of Memory

Gallier House / 5:30 – 7 pm


Atlanta, GA

*Opening: Gregor Turk: Reclaim/Proclaim Blandtown

Gallery 72 / 6 – 9 pm

Opening: Davion Alston: The Literal is Unimaginative

Day and Night Projects / 7 – 10 pm

Screening: Chris Verene: Home Movies ($10)

Landmark Midtown Art Cinema / 7 – 8:45 pm

Durham, NC

*Talk: Digital Imaginaries in Africa with Oulimata Gueye

Pink Parlor, Duke University East Campus / 4 – 5:30 pm


Athens, GA

Opening: Immortal Beloved

Opening: Baci from Cortona

Opening: Codified Color

*Opening: Kiki Kogelnik, Julia Scher, Erika Vogt, Lisa Williamson

Dodd Galleries at University of Georgia / 6 – 8 pm

Atlanta, GA

Opening: Her Truth, Her Power

National Center for Civil and Human Rights / 6 – 8:30 pm

*Talk and Opening: Ervin A. Johnson: #In Honor: Monoliths

Arnika Dawkins Gallery / 7 – 9 pm

Raleigh, NC

Talk: Looking Over Rembrandt’s Shoulder: Discussing the Peck Collection Drawings

Ackland Art Museum / 5 – 6 pm

Savannah, GA

First Day: Summon the Sea!: Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick

Telfair Museums Jepson Center / 10 am – 5 pm


Atlanta, GA

Closing: Chris Verene: Home Movies

Marcia Wood Gallery / 7 – 9 pm

Opening: InstallMINT

MINT / 7 – 10 pm

Screening: Andy Warhol’s Empire

The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences / 12 Noon – 8 pm

Nashville, TN

*Opening: Kelly Hider: re: tracing

Opening: Carolyn Henne: This Is Madness: A Proof

Unrequited Leisure / 6 – 10 pm


Athens, GA

*Performance: Appalachian Spring: Music Exploring Regional Identity and Race

Georgia Museum of Art / 3 – 5 pm




*Strange Light: The Photography of Clarence John Laughlin / through November 10

*Myra Greene: Interval

MOCA GA / through November 2

*Kojo Ayodele Griffin: New Fakes

The End / through November 2

*Chris Verene: Home Movies

Marcia Wood Gallery / through October 12

*Sonya Yong James: Loud Magic

Mitchell Biggio: Ramps and Planes

Whitespace / through October 19

Shanequa Gay: Love Letter To The West End

Hammonds House / through October 13

*Christina Price Washington: White Balance

Swan Coach House Gallery / through November 7

Fran O’Neill: Changing Tides

Hathaway Gallery / through November 9


Kai Lin Art / through November 15

*Emma McMillan: Project X

Bryan Graf: Landlines

Coco Hunday Presents

*Wihro Kim: Living Room

Bailey Scieszka: Secret Honor

Atlanta Contemporary / through December 22

Vanishing Point

LOG at Camayuhs / through October 26

*Mildred Thompson: The Atlanta Years, 1986 – 2003

Spelman College Museum of Fine Arts / through December 7

Erin D. Garcia: JET

Sandler Hudson Gallery / through October 19

First Day: Henri Dauman: Looking Up, Iconic Photography that Defined the 20th Century

The Breman Museum / through December 30

Raymond Goins: Infallible Beauty

Poem 88 / through October 19

Lucy Cookson: Liquid Language

Fay Gold Gallery / through December 9

Cut and Paste: Works on Paper

Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking, Georgia Tech / through November 14

Form & Function: Shoe Art by Chris Francis

SCAD FASH / through December 8


*Katya Tepper

Howard’s Art Gallery / through October 19

*Adrianne Rubenstein: Little Shop of Horrors

Tif Sigfrids / through October 19


Bojana Ginn: Phygital Muse

Mary S. Byrd Gallery / through December 13

Hannah Ehrlich: The Stillness You See

Westobou Gallery / through October 18


Warhol in the West

The Booth Museum / through December 31

Kennesaw, GA

Fruitful Labors

Painting Who?

Mortin Galleries at the Zuckerman Museum of Art / through November 10


Tori Tinsley and Ally White: The Perpetual Stranger

Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art / through December 15


*Suzanne Jackson: Five Decades

Telfair Museum / through October 13


Laney Contemporary / through October 26



*Quentin Morris / through October 12

Mary Frances Whitfield, Why? / through November 23

*Christina A. West: Unscene / through December 14

UAB Abroms – Engel Institute for the Visual Arts

We Dare Defend Our Rights: The Gun Show

Space One Eleven / through December 31


*Purvis Young: Born in Liberty City

Paul R. Jones Museum, University of Alabama / through October 25


Bentonville, AR

*A Walk in the Woods

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art / through March 10, 2020



Robert Rauschenberg: America Mix-16

Tampa Museum of Art / through January 5, 2020



*Bethany Collins: Benediction

Joan Snyder, Judy Ledgerwood, Crystal Gregory: Interwoven

Laura Letinsky: Recent Works

UK Art Museum / through December 8

Henry Speller: Mother Wit

Institute 193 / through November 2

Louisville, KY

Lyric Documentary: The Works of Walker Evans

Gentlemen’s Clubs: Photography by Zed Saeed

Schneider Hall Galleries, University of Louisville / through November 1


Cressman Center for Visual Arts / through October 26


New Orleans

*The American Dream Denied: The New Orleans Residents of Gordon Plaza Seek Relocation

*LaToya Ruby Frazier: Flint is Family

Newcomb Art Museum, Tulane University / through December 14

Tina Freeman: Lamentations

New Orleans Museum of Art / through March 8, 2020



*VanDerBeek + VanDerBeek

Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center / through January 4 2020

Chapel Hill

Leigh Suggs: No One Ever Makes a Promise in a Dream / through November 2

Another Potato Chip Weekend / through October 18


Intergalactic Soul: Project LHAXX / through June 28, 2020

She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World / through December 1

Ackland Art Museum at UNC Chapel Hill


Clare Rojas: Shifted Horizons

SOCO Gallery / through November 8


*Experiments from a Black Queer Feminist Future

Juanita Kreps Gallery, Center for Documentary Studies / through October 19


*Feels Warm, Like Things Burning, featuring Natalie Escobar, Alex C. Kerr, Saige Rowe, and Hannah Tarr

LUMP / through October 26

¡Viva Viclas!: The Art of the Lowrider Motorcycle

CAM Raleigh / through February 9, 2020



*Katrina Andry: Over There and Here Is Me and Me

Colin Quashie: Linked

Halsey Institute Galleries at the College of Charleston / through December 7


*In Front of Your Eyes: Hannah Cole, Jodi Hays & Celia Reisman

Tiger Strikes Asteroid / through November 27



*Marlos E’van: Slightly Dangerous

Red Arrow Gallery / through October 13

Studio Art Sessions

Space 204 Gallery at Vanderbilt University / through October 18

*Symbols and Archetypes: Two Millennia of Recurring Visions in Art

Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery / through December 14

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists

OSGEMEOS: In Between

Frist Art Museum / through January 12

David Onri Anderson: Fragile As Fruit

David Lusk Gallery / through October 26


Hamlett Dobbins: Let It Last

David Lusk Gallery / through October 12

Terri Phillips: Self to Stone

TOPS Gallery / through October 14


Sam Vernon: False Claim

UT Downtown Gallery / through October 31



Gibby Waitzkin: The Truth Continuum

Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center / through December 8

Pop Power from Warhol to Koons

Taubman Museum of Art / through March 8, 2020


*Xavier Mary: Deepwater Horizon

1708 Gallery / through October 20

*Great Force

ICA at VCU / through January 5, 2020


*Nate Larson: Centroid Towns: Like a Passing Shadow / through January 4, 2020

Maremi Andreozzi: Hidden Histories / through January 7, 2020

Greater Reston Arts Center

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