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To Do List

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Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech / through March 8, 2020

Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings / through February 2, 2020

High Museum of Art

Rory Doyle: Delta Hill Riders

Hudgens Center for Art & Learning / through November 23

Nancy Marshall and John McWilliams: Sweet Ride – Low Country Travelers of Charleston County

Atlanta Photography Group / through November 30

ACP Presents: Picturing Justice

Atlanta Legal Aid Society / through November 30

Namwon Choi: Blue Distant

Sandler Hudson Gallery / through November 30

Reckoning with “The Incident”: John Wilson’s Studies for a Lynching Mural

Clark Atlanta University Art Museum / through December 6

Charlie Watts: Hortophillia

Whitespace / through December 7

Brendan John Carroll: Stained Glass and Stucco

{Poem 88} / through December 7

*Mildred Thompson: The Atlanta Years, 1986 – 2003

Spelman College Museum of Fine Arts / through December 7

Form & Function: Shoe Art by Chris Francis

SCAD FASH / through December 8

Lucy Cookson: Liquid Language

Fay Gold Gallery / through December 9

Marcus Kenney: Dreams River

Marcia Wood Gallery / through December 14

*Emma McMillan: Project X

Bryan Graf: Landlines

Coco Hunday Presents

*Wihro Kim: Living Room

Bailey Scieszka: Secret Honor

Atlanta Contemporary / through December 22

Sally Mann

Jackson Fine Art / through December 21

Henri Dauman: Looking Up, Iconic Photography that Defined the 20th Century

The Breman Museum / through December 30

Kate Breakey: Collection

Brickworks Gallery / through December 31

*Cosmo Whyte: Beneath Its Tongue, The Fish Rolls The Hook To sharpen Its Cadence

MOCA GA / through January 11, 2020

*Ervin A. Johnson: #In Honor: Monoliths

Arnika Dawkins Gallery / through February 7 2020

The Design of Dissent

Museum of Design Atlanta / through February 2, 2020


Immortal Beloved

Baci from Cortona

Codified Color

*Kiki Kogelnik, Julia Scher, Erika Vogt, Lisa Williamson

Dodd Galleries at University of Georgia / through November 19

Losing Control: Guns, Government and Group-Think

ATHICA / through December 8

Rachel Whiteread

Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden at the Georgia Museum of Art / through March 7, 2020


Bojana Ginn: Phygital Muse

Mary S. Byrd Gallery / through December 13


Carrie Ann Baade: Wondering and Wandering

Carrollton Center for the Arts / through December 7


Warhol in the West

The Booth Museum / through December 31


*Saya Woolfalk: Augmented Visionary Reality Outpost

The Columbus Museum / through February 2, 2020


Tori Tinsley and Ally White: The Perpetual Stranger

Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art / through December 15

St. Simons Island

Gregor Turk: Edge of the Continent

Glynn Visual Arts Center / through November 23


Summon the Sea!: Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick

Telfair Museums Jepson Center / through February 16, 2020



Mary Frances Whitfield, Why? / through November 23

*Christina A. West: Unscene / through December 14

UAB Abroms – Engel Institute for the Visual Arts

We Dare Defend Our Rights: The Gun Show

Space One Eleven / through December 31

*Celestia Morgan: REDLINE

Birmingham Museum of Art / through February 16, 2020


Jerry Siegel: Stompin’ Grounds: Photographs of the Black Belt

The AU Gallery at The Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center / through January 17, 2020


Bentonville, AR

*A Walk in the Woods

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art / through March 10, 2020



Robert Rauschenberg: America Mix-16

Tampa Museum of Art / through January 5, 2020

St. Petersburg

Jennifer Angus: The Grasshopper and the Ant

Museum of Fine Arts / through January 5, 2020



If I Could Turn Back Time

Morlan Gallery at Transylvania University / through December 3

*Bethany Collins: Benediction

Joan Snyder, Judy Ledgerwood, Crystal Gregory: Interwoven

Laura Letinsky: Recent Works

UK Art Museum / through December 8

Robert Beatty: Place Holder

21c Hotel / through January 2020


New Orleans

*The American Dream Denied: The New Orleans Residents of Gordon Plaza Seek Relocation

*LaToya Ruby Frazier: Flint is Family

Newcomb Art Museum, Tulane University / through December 14

Inventing Acadia: Painting and Place in Louisiana / through January 26, 2020

Tina Freeman: Lamentations / through March 8, 2020

New Orleans Museum of Art

*Mickalene Thomas: Femmes Noires / through June 14, 2020

*Material Life x Femmes Noires: Femmes Féroces / through June 14, 2020

*Akosue Adoma Owusu: Welcome to the Jungle / through February 2, 2020

*Meg Turner: Here and Now / through April 12, 2020

New Orleans Airlift: From New Water Music / through February 2, 2020

Contemporary Arts Center

Baton Rouge

*Destination: Latin America

LSU Museum of Art / through February 9, 2020



*Nick Cave: Feat.

Mississippi Museum of Art / through February 16, 2020



*Stacy Kranitz: As it Was Give(n) to Me

Tracey Morgan Gallery / through December 7

*VanDerBeek + VanDerBeek

Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center / through January 4, 2020

*Appalachia Now!

Asheville Art Museum / through February 3, 2020

Chapel Hill

Intergalactic Soul: Project LHAXX / through June 28, 2020

She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World / through December 1

Ackland Art Museum at UNC Chapel Hill


¡Viva Viclas!: The Art of the Lowrider Motorcycle

CAM Raleigh / through February 9, 2020



*Katrina Andry: Over There and Here Is Me and Me

Colin Quashie: Linked

Halsey Institute Galleries at the College of Charleston / through December 7


*In Front of Your Eyes: Hannah Cole, Jodi Hays & Celia Reisman

Tiger Strikes Asteroid / through November 27



Daniel Holland: lesser gods

Red Arrow Gallery / through November 28

Carolina Cleere: Critical Distance

Unrequited Leisure / through November 30

Omari Booker: Red Line

Channel to Channel / through December 14

*Symbols and Archetypes: Two Millennia of Recurring Visions in Art

Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery / through December 14

Brady Haston: Flipped

Jiha Moon: Noface Land

Zeitgeist / through December 21

Catherine Erb: Look Up

David Lusk Gallery / through December 23

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists

OSGEMEOS: In Between

Frist Art Museum / through January 12


*Tree of Life

TOPS Gallery / through December 21



*John Akomfrah: Tropikos / through January 5, 2020

Thomas Jefferson, Architect: Palladian Models, Democratic Principles, and the Conflict of Ideals / through January 19, 2020

Chrysler Museum of Art


Gibby Waitzkin: The Truth Continuum

Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center / through December 8

Pop Power from Warhol to Koons

Taubman Museum of Art / through March 8, 2020


*Great Force

ICA at VCU / through January 5, 2020

Edward Hooper and the American Hotel

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts / through February 23, 2020


*Nate Larson: Centroid Towns: Like a Passing Shadow / through January 4, 2020

Maremi Andreozzi: Hidden Histories / through January 7, 2020

Greater Reston Arts Center

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