New Curator for New Orleans CAC

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Andrea Andersson has been appointed chief curator of visual arts at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, effective January 2015. The New Orleans-area native has been living in New York City since 2001, where she worked as an independent curator and taught at New York University and Barnard College.

The 36-year-old attended Stanford and holds a PhD from Columbia University; her dissertation was titled “Disconcerting Landscapes: Seriality, System, and Subjectivity in Postmodern American Art and Poetry.” Andersson’s multidisciplinary interests will be put to use at the CAC, where she and performance curator Raelle Myrick-Hodges plan to collaborate.

Andersson replaces Amy Mackie, who left the position in 2012 to move to Atlanta, but has since returned to New Orleans, where she is co-director of Parse Gallery.

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