Float… Fly… Transcend… at Alabama Contemporary, Mobile

By January 22, 2021
Installation view of Float.. Fly… Transcend… at Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company. All images courtesy of Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, Mobile.
Keiko Narahashi, this embodied moon, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.
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Many of us have spent the better part of 2020 living with fear, anxiety, anger and  sadness, often trying to maintain a sense of self and normalcy by gazing into a screen  for companionship. We watch as our country is torn apart by a vicious virus, a racial  reckoning long past due, and a political divide so deep it’s hard to imagine how we will  ever be able to mend. Seeking some kind of refuge, something tangible, we look to nature for a connection to  the greater, living thing that we are all a part of. We look to move outside of the frame,  outside the walls of the spaces we inhabit, outside of our own bodies.  

from the exhibition text by The Fuel and Lumber Company
Krista Clark,  Assembly 01, 2021; wood, concrete, bungee cords, glass; dimensions variable, site-specific installation. Courtesy of the artist.
 Lonnie Holley, Open Casket, 2020. Courtesy of the artist. 
High Museum: Nellie Mae Rowe

Curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company (artists Amy Pleasant and Pete Schulte), Float… Fly… Transcend… includes works by David Onri Anderson, Katherine Bradford, Krista Clark, Matthew F. Fisher, Lonnie Holley, Osamu Kobayashi, Shona Macdonald, Rob Mazurek and Lee Anne Schmitt, Keiko Narahashi, and Barb Smith.

Keiko Narahashi, two untitled drawings, 2020.
Next three images: Barb Smith, A rescue, a shocked woman, maple, a broken bandsaw, heat, the sound of it, bumper residue, a rescue, the sharpness of it, the study of it, wax bite, tissue box top, the opening, the sharpness of it, boiled stoneware, friendly plastic, a rescue, pinching, pulling, horizontal motion, all about timing, all about coming apart, memory of a tip toe, granite dust from a monument making shop in Queens, the positive of language, chunk glass, Home, the digging, the sharpness of it, a skinned sponge, collaboration debris, the insides of eaten eggs, the repair, the hunt, or the absence of, building blocks, months of making strata, opening up, the sharpness of it, a rescue, pinching and pulling, several times, vertical motion, a spool of yellow thread, memory of a bubble wand, bringing the breath to, BB bags, some ballast, pewter on pewter, salt fired ceramic, not my explosion, a collection of wads, silicone boxes, one softer than the other, test results, some insistence on the rectangle, pressed lead basket, conductive thread, tongue depressor wall, a rescue, a space, fragment of an impression, the sharpness of it, symptoms, causes, and solutions, a hole, beaten bells on plastic, a silencing, a gift, dyed slip cast porcelain, Aqua resin fragments from a figure, 4 x 6 photograph stack, wood fired ceramic spike, steel, a stain, a skin, marble dust on tack cloth, a rescue, a compression, combustible matter, the containment of, a ceramic spike, in that place, the wetness of it, a stoneware roll, a rescue, a repair, touching it all, discovering the years between, the nestling of, lady parts, quick copper, quick plastic, instant concrete, quick wood, quick steel, quick aluminum balls, a rescue, unfired porcelain slip, compressed gold leaf, language ball, bb’s, gold leafed rock from Bard, cabochons, cedar, slingshot ammo, blue marking paint, 2 parts of 3, some game, some state change, tile stack, some days, two humps, oval accident, Precious Moments, the depth of, plexiglass, finger hole, the cast of a rock found the day NYC shut down, that path, that day, that temperature, catching only myself, filling with water, the memory of it, the sharpness of it, rocks repeating, on everything, the grief of that, the various inclusions, the gravity of, that friction, that holding, some language playing, jumping, a rescue, a repair, the skinned mixing cup, a tongue depressor, belonging, cast honeycomb cardboard, a failure to protect some unremembered contents, this admission, the shape of travel, the force of it, the curious damage of it, solidity, safety, nipples, pairs, plugs, more nipples, maybe currency, bronze shim, baby powder, red marking chalk, the spilling of it, a double rock, thread of a certain age, the softness of it, the balance of it, a gift, a story, a downward motion, a sleeping rock, a rescue, 2021; dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. 
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Installation view of Float.. Fly… Transcend… at Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, showing works by Lonnie Holley and Krista Clark.
Installation view of Float.. Fly… Transcend… at Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company.
Matthew F Fisher, Good Faith and The Water of Spring, both 2020; acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Taymour Grahne Projects
Installation view of Float.. Fly… Transcend… at Alabama Contemporary Arts Center, curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company.

Curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company, the group exhibition Float… Fly… Transcend… is on view at the Alabama Contemporary Art Center in Mobile through April 18, 2021.

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