Close Look:

Jing Qin at Tinney Contemporary, Nashville

By February 29, 2020
Jing Qin, Vanilla Concrete; acrylic on canvas, 38 by 32 inches.
Jing Qin, Philosophers; oil on canvas, 42 by 42 inches.
Jing Qin, Southern Horror; oil on canvas, 42 by 42 inches.

Having grown up in the Henan province of China, Jing Qin embeds subtle signifiers of cultural collision in her figurative paintings—here a folding screen, there a tiger figurine. Elements of pattern, landscape, and foliage seem to pay homage to Qin’s childhood.

Symbols of Qin’s identity as a Tennessean exist here too—there are symbols of the southern United States, such as the Flannery O’Connor novel strewn nearby an array of busts painted in varied levels of abstraction.

from the accompanying exhibition text
Installation view of Jing Qin: Soft Kernel at Tinney Contemporary in Nashville.
Jing Qin, In the Museum; oil on canvas, 66 by 55 inches. All images courtesy of Tinney Contemporary.
Jing Qin, Fox Tale; acrylic on canvas, 11 by 10 inches.

Jing Qin: Soft Kernel closed this past Friday at Tinney Contemporary in Nashville, Tennessee.

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