Atlanta Photography Group Gives Prizes to Student Photographers in Georgia

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On left, Rian with Friends by Peyton Fulford, and right, Don't Bother Me None by Ben Lee.
On left, Rian with Friends by Peyton Fulford, and right, Don’t Bother Me None by Ben Lee.

The Atlanta Photography Group has announced the winners of its 2017 APG Student Prize for photographic artists in Georgia.

Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art: Namsa Leuba
CROSSED LOOKS through December 11

The top two winners — Peyton Fulford from Columbus State University and Ben Lee from Georgia State University — will have concurrent shows at the APG Gallery from August 24 to September 23, along with one work each by the other finalists. 

For the prize, APG invited the faculty of all Georgia colleges with a fine art degree program to nominate their top two photography students.  A total of 15 students were nominated and submitted examples of their work to a three-member panel of judges, comprising MOCA GA director Annette Cone Skelton, Atlanta Contemporary curator Daniel Fuller,  and Gregory Harris, assistant curator of photography at the High Museum of Art.

The other finalists are:

Craig Brown (University of West Georgia)

Katiah Byrd (Art Institute of Atlanta)

Michaela Carey (University of West Georgia)

Ally Christmas (University of Georgia)

Suhair Farhat (Savannah School of Art & Design – Atlanta)

William Glaser (Savannah School of Art & Design – Savannah)

Karen Heximer (Columbus State University)

Fred Hirschman (Savannah School of Art & Design – Savannah)

Myles Mays (Art Institute of Atlanta)

JB Rasor (Savannah School of Art & Design – Atlanta)

Kathleen Sharp (Georgia State University)

Katie Tippens (University of North Georgia)

Land Lauren Toebe (University of North Georgia)

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