Ivanna Rodríguez-Rojas

Ivanna Rodríguez-Rojas is a Montreal-born, proud Miami-raised, Cuban-Mexican artist, plant mom, and educator based in Harlem. She received her BA in Art History and Anthropology from Barnard College and has interned at the Perez Art Museum Miami, The Bass Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. Immigrating twice by the age of seven – she centers her work around displacement/rootedness, childhood, reimagining borderland identities; and coined the term ‘Nepantla Art’ (informed by Gloria Anzaldúa’s research): a Nahuatl word for in-betweeness, with the goal of ascribing actuality to the experience of wholeness and fragmentation via artistic expression. She now teaches a class of fantastic first graders full-time but continues to develop her writing and photography.

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