Erica Ciccarone

Erica Ciccarone

Erica Ciccarone is a writer of fiction and nonfiction living in Nashville. She is Culture editor for the Nashville Scene. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the New School and has published her fiction in Epiphany, ThisRecording, and H.O.W. Journal.

Articles (13)

Sherrick & Paul Closes Doors After a Year in Nashville

Just over one year after Sherrick & Paul opened with an exhibition featuring Marcel Dzama, William Eggleston, and Barry McGee, the gallery has officially closed its doors.ADVERTISEMENT Sherrick & Paul offered something that no other gallery in Tennessee does: a rotating cast of internationally known artists with accolades from around the globe. Most recently, the … Continued

Repurposed Memories: Shinique Smith at the Frist, Nashville

Shinique Smith’s exhibition “Wonder and Rainbows,” on view at the Frist Center for Visual Arts through January 10, is gorgeously wrought, combining various elements of the artist’s arsenal of techniques. Smith’s work is tied to journeys, that of adolescence to adulthood, of spiritual exploration, of art-making itself, and finally, of color. The more I thought … Continued