Erica Ciccarone

Erica Ciccarone

Erica Ciccarone is a writer of fiction and nonfiction living in Nashville. She is Culture editor for the Nashville Scene. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the New School and has published her fiction in Epiphany, ThisRecording, and H.O.W. Journal.

Articles (13)

Trumped Up in Nashville

Nashville art lovers are not immune to the election anxiety gripping the nation. We may not feel gripped, exactly. Maybe it’s more like a barely perceptible electric current that spontaneously zaps us each time we go online to check our e-mail or post some pics of our reclaimed barnwood coffee tables. And when I say “we,” … Continued

Studio Visit with Jodi Hays in Nashville

Nashville-based artist Jodi Hays usually moves among several paintings in her studio practice, a habit that may be responsible for echoes across her body of work. Yet each painting stands on its own as bold and intense, a carefully wrought yet experimental playing with composition and form. I’ve long been drawn to Hays’ paintings, which … Continued