BURNAWAY on Huffington Post: Brad Downey’s Portrait of My Father

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Image courtesy Flux Projects.

Compared to the many photographs that Instagram users snapped at the sky this past Saturday, Brad Downey’s Portrait of My Father was much more vivid and easier to see in real life than through a camera lens.

Ctrl [Alt] Self at Westobou Gallery, Augusta through August 6

Read more in my first article for Huffington Post,”Brad Downey’s Portrait Takes the Politics of Street Art to the Sky.”

Special thanks go to Flux Projects as well as the ever-lovely Living Walls, who were responsible for bringing the artist to Atlanta earlier this year.

Where the still images might fail, this short video helps capture the surreal simplicity of a man-made cloud invading the normalcy of blue skies. Enjoy!

Disclosure: Louis Corrigan, the founder of Flux Projects, is also the founder of Possible Futures, a foundation that provides grant funding for this publication. In pursuit of featuring work that significantly contributes to cultural discourse, as well as our commitment to transparency, our policy is to disclose instead of exclude.

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