Pam Longobardi

Pam Longobardi’s parents, an ocean lifeguard and Delaware’s female diving champion, connected her from an early age to water life. After discovering mountains of plastic on remote Hawai’ian shores in 2006, she founded the Drifters Project, centralizing the artist as culture worker/activist/researcher. Now a global collaborative entity, Drifters Project has removed tens of thousands of pounds of material from the natural environment and re-situated it as social sculpture. Her multidisciplinary studio-based and collaborative social practice ranges from paintings, collage, photography, large-scale sculpture, installation, public actions, and performance. Winner of the prestigious Hudgens Prize, Longobardi was featured in National Geographic, SIERRA magazine, Weather Channel, multiple films and in exhibitions around the world. As Oceanic Society’s Artist-In-Nature and Naturalist she co-leads expeditions to remote locations around the world. She lives in Atlanta, GA, and is Regent’s Professor at Georgia State University. A 15-year survey of her work ‘Ocean Gleaning’ in 2022 showed at the Baker Museum in Naples, FL with a book published by Fall Line Press.

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