Voting Info for Creative Minds: T-SPLOST Referendum on July 31

This photo diptych by Ryan Nabulsi originally published as part of his Dodge & Burn column on Atlanta’s changing landscape.

No matter what your political affiliation may be, it’s clear that Tuesday’s vote on the T-SPLOST transportation initiative is important to Atlanta’s artists. As Joey Orr’s article demonstrated last week, the discussion of public space is still a lively issue for our creative-minded neighbors, both intellectually speaking and in a hands-on practical sense.

Transportation affects everyone, from gallery curators, to professionals working in Atlanta’s skyscrapers, to high school history teachers, and even to graphic designers who work at home. Living Walls, Flux Projects, and Art on the BeltLine are among dozens of organizations who in recent years have empowered artists to interact with Atlanta’s landscape. But physical intervention comes hand in hand with civic engagement, whether that comes in the form of public debate, making phone calls or sending emails, or simply showing up in solidarity.

For those who are planning to hit the polls tomorrow morning, we thought it might be helpful to post a few informative links:

– If you aren’t sure where you’re registered to vote, or where your polling place is located, you can plug your info into the “My Voter Page” at the Georgia Secretary of State’s website. It should also let you know the hours your polling station is open.

– Joe Winter of C-4 Atlanta wrote this blog post last week outlining his thoughtful analysis of the T-SPLOST initiative, keeping in mind the concerns of artists.

Creative Loafing published a multi-part cover story about T-SPLOST, as well as a shorter editorial by Scott Henry that condenses several issues into one sitting.

As our colleagues have implied, the initiative may be flawed but is no less important in terms of the bigger picture: How do we move forward in addressing Atlanta’s traffic woes and increasing everyday quality of life?

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