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Dearest Readers:

Since BURNAWAY was founded in 2008, its staff has been continually inspired and energized by the creativity and gumption of Atlanta’s arts community. The engagement and support of you, our readers, has let us continue to provide critical coverage and dialogue about the arts in our community.

During the last five years BURNAWAY has expanded its reach beyond the online publication to include writing workshops, an annual print publication, public programs, and a critic-in-residency program as ways to better fulfill its mission to champion Atlanta as a vibrant creative community, while expanding this dialogue to new audiences outside the city.

In honor of BURNAWAY’s fifth anniversary, we are continuing our tradition of highlighting the artists and spaces that make Atlanta great. unmonumentATL is a new column that explores sites and structures Atlantans pass every day, places and things that become new ‘monuments’ in our built environment. How do we absorb these ‘landmarks,’ and what is each one’s history? We have asked Atlanta artists to find and respond to the unsung monuments of the city and share with you, our audience, the spaces that make Atlanta’s cultural landscape so dynamic.

unmonumentATL aims for a new way to map Atlanta via these un-landmarks, which in turn encourages a new way to navigate and decipher our city. In addition to an online mapping project and editorial platform, BURNAWAY will produce a print map with index to celebrate this half decade of coverage.

Today marks the first day of two challenge grants—yes, two! Possible Futures is giving its tremendous and indispensable support in the form of $15,000 in matching funds. Additionally, we have just begun a challenge grant with Power2Give for $5,000 to support our editorial program, including the unmonumentATL project. The best part is that the funds we raise through Power2Give will be matched by our Possible Futures grant, so your donation is quadrupled!

Our top priority is to maintain the online magazine’s program as free every day, and if you can financially contribute any amount you are comfortable with (and none is too small or too big), we can collectively do this thing!

Please use our Power2Give website to make a donation today! Let’s continue to grow visual arts criticism in Atlanta and the Southeast! We can’t do it without your help, so please give today.



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