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Reading Lists

As we have worked remotely in recent weeks, the editors of Burnaway have compiled a series of thematic reading lists of stories drawn from the magazine’s archives. While we find ways to navigate the new structure of our daily lives, we are doing our best to take advantage of the opportunities for slowness and reflection afforded by isolation. The process of organizing these reading lists has given us an opportunity to view our own recent work in a different context, highlighting previously unseen relationships and suggesting surprising connections. This is part of the beauty of magazines, especially digital ones: the modularity of their structure, their capacity to be rearranged to produce new readings, new feelings.

— Logan Lockner

Reading List: Artist Writing and Artist Projects
Production still from us on grass on real grass by Saige Rowe, featuring Sheyenne Thompson and Skylar Rowe. Image courtesy of the artist.
Reading List: Studio Visits and Artists in Conversation
Artist Katya Tepper and their work Gaping Candle Tripod. Photograph by Erin Jane Nelson.
Reading List: Writing on Photography
Sarah Hobbs, Emotive, Methodical, 2018.
Reading List: Racial Injustice and White Supremacy
Azikiwe Mohammed, performance still of Blackest Night: A Survey in Blackness, courtesy of the artist and SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah.

Reading List: Femmes
Maia Mitchell (Angela) and Camila Morrone (Jessie) in Never Going Back (2018, dir. Augustine Frizzell).
Reading List: Self-Taught Artists
Laura Craig McNellis, untitled (black coat with pink and blue), 2012. Courtesy Shrine Gallery, New York.
Reading List: Curatorial Conversations
Installation view of Barkley Hendricks at the New Orleans Museum of Art as part of Prospect.4 in 2017. © Mike Smith.

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