Burnaway > Reading List: Studio Visits and Artists in Conversation

Reading List: Studio Visits and Artists in Conversation

Artist Katya Tepper and their work Gaping Candle Tripod. Photograph by Erin Jane Nelson.

A reading list of studio visits and conversations between artists from Burnaway’s archives compiled by the magazine’s editors.

Katya Tepper in Athens, Georgia

September 7, 2018

Erin Jane Nelson visits the Athens studio of artist Katya Tepper ahead of their solo exhibition Hysteric Signs at White Columns in New York to discuss how chronic illness and relocating to the South have affected their practice.

Aaron Skolnick on Drawing Queer Intimacy

December 19, 2018

In a conversation with Paul Michael Brown, Kentucky-based artist Aaron Skolnick discusses drawing his late partner, artist Louis Zoellar Bickett, and the importance of documenting queer intimacy.

Finding A Secret Place: In Conversation with Wihro Kim

February 6, 2019

Ahead of his solo exhibition at Institute 193 in Lexington, Jasmine Amussen visits the Goat Farm studio of Atlanta-based painter Wihro Kim, discussing memory, embodiment, and suspicions of photography.

Budae-jjigae : A Conversation with Jiha Moon

February 10, 2019

Atlanta-based artist Jiha Moon speaks with Onyew Kim about her recent ceramic works and ongoing explorations of cultural hybridity.

Studio Visit with Y. Malik Jalal

February 13, 2019

Logan Lockner visits the studio of Atlanta-based artist Y. Malik Jalal, where they discuss the influences of religion, political history, and cartoons upon the artist’s work.

Skull Microwave: A Conversation with Marlos E’van

March 5, 2019

Joe Nolan visits the studio of Nashville-based artist Marlos E’van to discuss violence, resourcefulness, and what happens when art is confiscated by the TSA.

Freeze the Ham Bone: A Conversation with Hasani Sahlehe

March 15, 2019

Artists Hasani Sahlehe and Caleb Jamel Brown discuss the cultural importance of food, shared histories of Blackness, and hybridized traditions.

Studio Visit with Mark Starling

April 27, 2019

Artist Katya Tepper visits Mark Starling’s studio in Warrenton, Georgia. Using casket lids as substrates for paintings and employing imagery of disembodied pelvic bones, Starling’s work directly confronts human mortality.

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