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Reading List: Self-Taught Artists

Laura Craig McNellis, untitled (black coat with pink and blue), 2012. Courtesy Shrine Gallery, New York.

A reading list of writing about self-taught artists from Burnaway’s archives compiled by the magazine’s editors.

Songs for Mother Universe: Lonnie Holley’s Album MITH

September 21, 2018

Curator Daniel Fuller listens to self-taught artist and musician Lonnie Holley’s 2018 album MITH, which features the nearly eighteen-minute-long song “I Snuck Off the Slave Ship.” Fuller curated an exhibition of Holley’s work of the same name at Atlanta Contemporary in early 2017.

Shutdown: Bill Traylor at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

March 21, 2019

Jordan Amirkhani considers what it means when the first major retrospective dedicated to an American artist born into slavery is interrupted by a government shutdown.

Sweaters in Focus: Laura Craig McNellis at SHRINE

April 12, 2019

Tennessee-based self-taught artist Laura Craig McNellis’s unique vision makes the ordinary extraordinary at SHRINE gallery in New York.

So Many Gardens of Eden: Folk and Photography at the High Museum of Art

April 15, 2019

Artist Karen Tauches visits the unmapped highways of the rural South in Way Out There: The Art of the Southern Back Roads at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Promised Land: Saving Margaret’s Grocery in Mississippi

October 8, 2019

Annie Moye tells the love story behind a colorful artist environment in Mississippi and reports on efforts to preserve it following the artist’s death.

Just Off Beale: Henry Speller in Memphis

October 2, 2019

Hunter Braithwaite examines the music and drawings of self-taught artist Henry Speller, who recorded the sights and sounds of Memphis’s colorful nightlife.

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